Have you ever thought that somewhere in the world a person with the same appearance can live? Or even doing the same thing, having the same tastes in clothes, hobbies and habits? It seems fantastic, but do not rush to draw conclusions. Today’s story is about men who probably didn’t think about anything like this. Each of them lived their own lives until one day an amazing meeting took place. Brady Feigl is a baseball player for the Oakland Athletics. The man has a rather unusual appearance: he has a red beard, is tall, and has a slight lop-ear. What was the baseball player’s surprise when Brady Feigl met a man with the same characteristics!

At the same time, the most surprising thing is the fact that the man is the full namesake of the hero of our article. Red-haired baseball player Brady Feigl met… Brady Feigl! At the same time, men look like each other like two drops of water! They have red hair, including a beard, the same build, even glasses of the same shape. And men have identical height, and quite high – 1.93 meters! What can we say about the style of clothing, which also completely coincides! When the full namesakes met, they were just shocked! Each of them seemed to be looking in a mirror! In addition to appearance and name, the heroes of this story turned out to have a lot in common in their biographies. So, they both play baseball, one for the Oakland Athletics team, the other for the Texas Rangers club.

And each of them acts as a pitcher! By the way, it was thanks to baseball that very similar athletes met each other, because they play in the same league. But the coincidences don’t end there! It turns out that the Feigles underwent the same operation – to restore the elbow joint. Amazingly, they had one doctor as a surgeon! What is the probability of such coincidences? When social media users found out about this story, they suspected that the guys were twin brothers separated in childhood. The two Brady’s turned out to be too similar to each other. But the Feigles did not believe that such a thing was possible. Although the coincidences were really just stunning, that’s why the men decided to take a genetic compatibility test.

Everyone who knew about this story was waiting for the denouement. The supposed twins themselves wanted to know the result. However, a DNA test showed that there are no family ties between the men. The result upset those who expected the denouement of this story in the spirit of Indian films, when a brother finds a brother. However, a negative test makes the matches even more intriguing. Why are these men so similar in appearance, and also have almost a common biography? Does this mean that the theory of doppelgangers still has a right to exist? The story leaves more questions than answers, which, of course, makes it very intriguing. It is worth noting that the Feigles have something in common according to the results of the genetic test.

So, both men have an equal number of German roots – 53% each. Of course, this is not what determines the amazing similarity of baseball players. German roots can only explain a red beard, but not everything else. One of the Brady’s remarked that, despite the test results, they would still be brothers in a sense. These baseball players were lucky to meet each other, for sure they feel some kind of special connection, since they are very similar not only in appearance. It is quite possible that every person in this world has someone surprisingly similar to him. And how would you react if you met your double? I have all my friends!

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