Everyone knows perfectly well that a wolf is a ferocious and dangerous predator. This is how this beast is represented in many fairy tales and legends, because since childhood we have been used to hearing that they bite everyone who gets in their way. But still, in real life, friendship between a man and a wolf is quite possible. This is confirmed by the unique footage shot in the American nature reserve “Colorado Center for Wolves and Wildlife”, located near Colorado Springs. Kekoa is an adult wolf who lives on the territory of the reserve. She, like other animals living there, simply could not survive in the wild.

Of course, Kekoa inspires a certain fear with her formidable appearance, but at the same time she seems to have great respect for people. And some even loves and behaves with them very unusual for wolves. For example, this is the attitude this amazingly beautiful creature shows to a woman named Danielle. Daniel is a member of the team that works on the territory of the reserve. The video, which shows Daniel and Kekoa playing together, is really a magical and surreal sight. Especially when it becomes obvious that the wild beast is much bigger and stronger than a slender, fragile girl! The footage shows how the wolf approaches the woman and walks next to her, it seems that terrible things can happen now, but Daniel, sitting on his knees, begins to stroke the wolf, which she is incredibly happy about.

Kekoa does not behave like a formidable predator, but like an ordinary pet. And when it seems that there will be nothing new on the screen, another Sakura wolf appears in the frame. She also joins in the fun, starts happily licking the girl’s face and hands. And after a couple of minutes, Sakura approaches the operator, who is filming everything that is happening on the camera, and he strokes the predator on the nose. Meanwhile, Daniel and Kekoa appear in the frame again: the wolf first sits down next to the girl, and then almost immediately falls on her back. Of course, to the joy of the animal, Daniel begins to scratch the exposed belly. Having risen, in gratitude, the satisfied wolf with incredible diligence began to lick the laughing girl’s face.

Yes, after seeing this, I just want to say: “And why are only wolves called scary and cruel? After all, they are very cute and not at all evil.” Do we really know that much about wolves? Let’s try to find out something. Wolves are predatory mammals from the canid family. And the largest modern animals in this family: they can weigh up to 100 kilograms, the length of the trunk (excluding the tail) often reaches 160 centimeters, and the height at the withers can be about 90 centimeters. Wolves are incredibly hardy and very intelligent animals.

This manifests itself in many things, for example, in their ability to navigate the situation well and deftly avoid danger, as well as in carefully planned hunting methods. There were times when wolves were much more common in Eurasia and North America. Now their total number, as well as their habitat, have significantly decreased. The main reason for this was human activity: changing natural landscapes, urbanization and mass extermination. And wolf attacks on humans are often associated with the fact that humans invade their habitat, destroying forests, depriving predators of their homes. That’s all friends!

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