On August 1st, 1971, ‘The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour’ premiered on CBS television. The show featured many joyful moments and awesome music performances, especially from the hosts.

During one episode, the couple closed the show with their mega-hit titled “I Got You Babe.’ The song became the signature tune of Sonny & Cher. Their performance was one of the show’s most well-known moments.

It starts with some banter between Sonny and Cher. She says to Sonny, ‘I don’t want to interrupt you, so I just want to say it’s such an honor to have a great singer with a great comedian on stage.’

Sonny thinks she is giving him a compliment and replies, ‘No, you should be saying that about Gabe Kaplan and Frankie Avalon.’ Cher says, ‘Yes, that’s what I was doing. Who did you think I was talking about?’ Everyone laughs, and Sonny plays the joke perfectly.

The two begin their best hit wearing a matching suit and dress. Cher starts, and then Sonny joins in. They do a shortened version of the tune, and then they say goodnight to the audience.

‘I Got You Babe’ was from the couple’s debut album ‘Look at Us.’ In 1965, the single spent 3 weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot hundred and sold more than one million copies, making it certified Gold.

Sonny & Cher started their career in the mid-1960s as backup singers. Their career took off after their first two hit songs, ‘I Got You Babe’ and ‘Baby Don’t Go,’ and the duo went on to sell over fourty million records worldwide.

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