You can never get enough of extraordinary renovations. Here you have my latest favourite in the collection.

The old St. Nicholas church was abandoned in the north of England and was in very bad shape. No one had been there for years. But one couple fell in love with the building.

They decided to buy it, renovate and move in. There was plenty of work to get everything together like they wanted. But when you step inside and see what they have done… Astounding!

The church was built in the 1790s in Northumberland, England. It’s garden are full of gravestones and the church has been silent since the 1980s when it was shut down.

Here you have the entrance to this beautiful creation made out of stone.

The couple who bought the church have really made an awesome job. Such a nice kitchen!

The property contains a big land with a garden and an outhouse.

Inside the church, there are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living rooms, two kitchens and an open construction plan.

Look! The bathrooms are gorgeous.

The big dining hall is situated in the middle of the church.

The new owners restored the arched ceilings and the original glass paintings.

The second bedroom is perfect for guests and has a super king size bed.

Here you have the master bedroom. Instead of an altar they have put in a large bed, cornered by eight magnificent glass paintings.

Can you imagine sleeping in here?

It’s difficult to complain about the height of the ceiling. Here you have the open living room.

You can see that they put in their greatest effort in this project. Every room are so beautiful!

This stunning and unusual conversion is one of the most impressive that we’ve come across. Sitting on almost one acre of beautifully manicured land – would you live in this historic church home?

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