Say what you want about the cheesy nature of talent shows, but none can deny they’ve excelled in fulfilling their purpose of unearthing incredible talent that might otherwise have gone overlooked.

Of them all, perhaps American Idol is to thank the most for introducing us to genuine stars who were just everyday people before they took the leap of faith and auditioned. Stars such as Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert have found fame since appearing on the show, and we, as fans, have been treated to no end for incredible performances.

Not only that but giving ordinary people a platform to showcase their talents has also resulted in a number of eye-watering inspiring moments.

Luke Bryan, famed country singer and American Idol judge, recently wowed audiences with his sudden and generous offer to a contestant on the singing competition show.

Colby Smith is a recent contestant on the show.

Hailing from Texas, the 19-year-old is an aspiring country singer who amazed judges and audiences with his rendition of Freddy Fender’s “Every Teardrop Falls.”

The young man had never performed in public or taken music lessons before. He had not ever even left his home state of Texas before this experience. He works painting fences in his hometown.

Bryan was clearly moved by Smith’s performance, which brought him back to his own early stages of playing and singing for audiences. Then, the star did something unexpected.

Asking Colby to show them the soles of his shoes, Bryan seemed to expect it when the young man’s shoes were incredibly worn. There were even holes that exposed Smith’s socks.

Bryan asked Colby for his shoe size and then immediately took the boots off his own feet to hand them to the young man!

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The other judges and contestants on stage reacted with amazement and tears at the kind star’s actions. I nearly cried when he walked off and he nearly cried saying “I didn’t ever think I’d get a standing ovation”..

That performance was flawless. This kid has range and talent – share this article on Facebook if you agree and love country music!

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