There is nothing worse than when small children are seriously ill.

When Amy and Stephen Smith’s daughter Poppy was born, they realized immediately that something was seriously wrong. Their daughter was born prematurely and the doctors soon diagnosed her with Moebius syndrome, a rare disease that causes the facial muscles not to not work properly. It can make it hard to talk and eat.

Little Poppy spent her first living days in intensive care and made great progress. The parents began to hope that Poppy could despite her disease, develop like a healthy little girl.

And sure enough, when she was 15-months-old, she began to walk, to her parents great thrill. However, she continued to have trouble speaking and could not laugh or smile because of her disease.

But just as Poppy was about to turn 2, something tragic happened. Poppy became very ill.

Poppy’s mother found her daughter unconscious in bed and immediately took her to the Barrow In Furness General Hospital’s emergency room

The doctors found that her daughter’s lungs were filled with fluid and that Poppy had had a lack of oxygen to her brain, resulting to brain damage. Her condition worsened and doctors feared she would not survive.

The family celebrated Christmas in the hospital, fearing that it could be their last Christmas with Poppy. Sisters Elisha, 14, Macey, 12, and brother Alfie, 11, stood by their sister’s side.

That’s when Macey, in an effort to cheer Poppy up, gave her little sister a “zurbert”, also known as a rasberry, according to the Mirror.

That’s when the incredible occurred.

Poppy laughed – for the first time in her life.

“Macey blew a raspberry on her belly and suddenly Poppy started laughing. We couldn’t believe it,” father Stephen said.

Shortly after the incredible incident, Poppy’s condition began to improve. A few weeks later she was able to crawl, and talked more than she did before the brain damage.

It was nothing short of a miracle.

“Now we firmly believe Poppy will walk and talk again, as she’s been a fighter since the moment she was born.”

What an incredible story! It just made me tear up. What a little fighter little Poppy is. I hope she grows up to be a healthy and strong girl. And with such a loving family by her side, I really think it’s possible.

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