Officers are looking into the death of a Michigan couple who were discovered at their kitchen table.

Cameron and Courtney Hulet were discovered dead at their Dundee home. According to authorities, the couple was getting set to have Taco Bell for supper when they fell and died.

The pair was discovered by police through a neighbor. The neighbor stated that she went to see the pair at 9 p.m. and assumed they were asleep. When the neighbor arrived hours later and spotted them in the same posture, she dialed 911.

At this point, investigators are unsure of what caused the deaths of Courtney, 20, and Cameron, 28. They are awaiting the results of toxicology testing and autopsies to identify the exact reason for the death.

Dundee Village Manager Dave Uhl stated that t here is no evidence of what occurred. It’s a puzzle.

Cameron was discovered sleeping on his side, while his wife was discovered face-down, according to cops. A pound of marijuana was discovered on the kitchen table near the pair’s remains.

According to Dundee Police Chief Todd, the couple’s supper remained untouched, and the marijuana seemed to be in the process of being split up for distribution.

There was no visible evidence of trauma on either of the bodies, and no traces of forced entry into the residence, according to law enforcement officials. According to cops, there was no evidence of a third party involvement and no obvious symptoms of wrongdoing.

Child Protective Services had just removed two small children from the couple’s house, according to Chief Opperman. The couple had barely been in Dundee for six weeks.

According to reports, Cameron has a criminal history of marijuana possession and violence.

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