In the United States, the average marriage lasts only eight years.

So there’s reason to rejoice when a couple’s love story and dedication to one other extends several decades.

Frank and Tommie Otway just celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary!

The pair, who live on their own in Orange City, Florida, met as teenagers in the same East Orange, New Jersey apartment complex.

It all began in East Orange, New Jersey, and now they’re wrapping it off in Orange City, Tommie told.

The pair originally met while they were both living in the same New Jersey apartment complex. He would buy her a 5-cent orange drink and a 10-cent hot dog, Tommie recounted on one of their first dates in New York City.

On February 6, 1942, Frank, then 18, and Tommie, then 16, eloped.

Frank served in the United States Marine Corps before the couple had their family.

They had 5 kids, all of whom died. They had their wonderful 5 kids, however the Lord saw them as more valuable and took them to live with him, Tommie said.

They now have over 20 grandkids and great-grandchildren.

So, with so many marriages failing before the 10-year mark, how did Frank and Tommie manage to have one of the longest marriages?

Over the years, four words have kept their connection intact.

Christ, they need Jesus in their life, and she says commitment, Tommie said.

They believe in communication as well as love.

The couple celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary at a local restaurant with a celebration. Frank’s 99th birthday will be celebrated in March!

Frank and Tommie, congrats! Few individuals can claim to have been married for as long as you two. May you have many more years of happiness together.

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