This mom’s story is so heartbreaking – I had to control my tears while listening to it.

Amanda is aged 36 years and this is her first pregnancy. As a couple, she and her husband tried their best to have a child for many years without success. After 3 years together and several miscarriages, the good news was finally confirmed, they were so overjoyed and went ahead and purchased a new home.

But what she didn’t know was that the nightmare would take a completely different turn – a turn that has touched thousands of hearts all over the world. Everything seemed OK until one day her husband made the decision of leaving her. It was the worst time for Amanda to receive such a blow since she was struggling financially as her newly remodeled home needed her to spend more.

Then one radio station within Sydney, Australia heard of her story and invited her to their “give back” segment. were extremely moved by Amanda’s story – and they decided to do something to help her.

She never knew that KIIS 1065 radio station had a surprise in store for her. Her story begins by her background being provided by the radio hosts before they unfold the surprise they have for her.

Amanda’s story is so emotional – you have to grab some tissues before you can start listening to it. Watch this video to have a firsthand experience of all the events which unfold within it.

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