When Robin reached center stage, Simon asked her about her parents and who was in the audience watching. Robin told the judges and the audience that his dad couldn’t do it and he had no reason to do it without his dad looking at him. Robin even said he would call his dad ASAP if he was good at the show.

Simon had a big surprise for Robin. He asked Robin to find his mother in the audience and then see who was sitting next to her. Reuben was delighted to see his father sitting there.

This beautiful moment was captured for everyone to see, and you can see the magical moment when the son realizes his father has come after all. And if you suspected the moment was wrong — a bit of a reality TV flourish — Robin insists he really had no idea his dad was in the audience.

“No, I had no idea, it totally shocked me,” Robin said in a 2017 interview with Teresa.

Although Robin’s emotional spectacle and performance stunned viewers, the 16-year-old was knocked out in the fourth round. However, Robin explained in a 2018 interview with Spindle magazine that the experience was invaluable.

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