When you’re retired, you want to spend time doing what you love the most.

For Rebecca’s parents, doing what they love to do was a challenge when everyone was on lockdown.

Rebecca has a company that builds tiny houses, and she owns a vast land that is beautiful and available.

So she had an excellent idea. Rebecca asked her parents if they would want to try living in a tiny home, and they agreed.

They loved the idea and the experience!

Soon, Rebecca and her parents built a 3 meters wide, 11 meters long tiny home.

There is also a smaller 6-meter-long pod next to the tiny home, situated in the beautiful Katikati, in New Zealand.

Now, Brenda, Rebecca’s mother, has her pod where she works and has plenty of space to do what she loved the most – sewing.

Peter, Rebecca’s dad, has his workshop too.

Their tiny home has a huge deck, and the couple told Bryce they would spend their free time overlooking the beautiful view.

Rebecca’s kids would often visit and spend time with them since they live nearby.

Bryce, the owner of the hit YouTube channel, Living Big In A Tiny House, noticed that the primary color of the house was white.

Peter said it made their home bigger, cleaner, and more presentable.

Their humble home features a gray couch and a large window to greet visitors.

They also have a big TV that is swivel-mounted.

Then, on the right side, you will see their kitchen with a big work area.

They wouldn’t worry about storage since they have plenty, and all painted in white.

Bryce saw that they have an oven, a microwave, a full-size refrigerator, a toaster, an air fryer, a coffeemaker, and a deep sink.

However, there was no stove or kettle.

The couple said that they have two induction cookers that they could store in the cupboards if they are not in use.

For their morning coffee, their hot tap would do the job.

On the left side of the house is their bedroom, which has a big window and door that expands on the deck.

They have an extensive wardrobe and shelves to house their clothes.

Then, you’d also notice their barn door that leads to the bathroom, and where you could find their washer and dryer.

Peter and Brenda’s shower is also really big and tall.

They have a composting toilet, a standard-size vanity, and, of course, more storage cabinets.

Peter and Brenda love their home and said that they would not go back to their previous setup.

Brenda said that she loves that she only has a small amount of household chores to do.

Peter loves the beautiful view and having his own workstation.

Bryce asked how much they had spent for the entire home, including the deck, and Peter said that it was around 250K.

They even won a design award for the New Zealand Tiny House Awards 2022.

Watch the beautiful home tour below.

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