Raquel Welch marked her 82nd birthday on September 5. She made history alongside Marilyn Monroe and was regarded as one of the most attractive and desirable ladies in history, but in recent photos, she has undergone a drastic transformation.

One of the first female models for the renowned men’s publication Playboy was Raquel.

She did, however, become truly famous in 1966 when she made an appearance in the movie “One Million Years B.C.” while only wearing her underwear.

Her appearance in the film caused a worldwide sensation and established her as a true sex icon, as her fame grew with each passing day.

This led Playboy magazine to name her “the most desirable lady of the decade” in 1970.

She first appeared in the movie “How to Be a Latin Lover” in 2017, and in it, she looks stunning and illustrates how she has aged beautifully while standing the test of time.

Audiences were stunned by her performance. Then, when Raquel was questioned about her beauty secrets, she replied instantly and firmly that they are not at all difficult.

She makes it a point to work out every day, protects her skin from the sun with sunscreen, and avoids wearing cosmetics when she is not required to be in the spotlight or the center of attention.

Raquel has had multiple cosmetic procedures on her face, but time is a cruel mistress to all of us, even her.

She was recently captured on camera by paparazzi going through a succession of distinct emotional states during her three-hour visit to the Beverly Hills J&J Beauty Lounge manicure salon, which is a favorite of the wealthy neighborhood’s residents.

She had been away from the spotlight for around three years when this happened.

In the end, Raquel Welch seemed happy with the results and even made light-hearted jokes with her manicurist throughout the less uncomfortable sections of the procedure.

She had made a few facial expressions that revealed a great lot about the degree of pain she had felt.

Raquel has a successful modeling career and a recognized acting career. She gained notoriety in 2001 for her role as the affluent widow Windham-Vandermark in the movie “Legally Blonde,” which also starred Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair.

She has made appearances in “How to Be a Latin Lover” and the television series “Date My Dad” more recently. She won a Golden Globe for her performance in “The Three Musketeers.”

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