TikTok users have been left horrified after watching a man guess the exact location of a complete stranger thanks to her post online.

If this isn’t a cautionary tale, I don’t know what is.

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of posting something about our location at one point or another, but rarely would you expect someone to use that innocent picture or video against you.

However, content creator Ayame learned the hard way that it doesn’t take much for people to be able to track you down from a post, thanks to a horrifying video shared by the aptly-named content creator, Yuval The Terrible.

Yuval’s video came in response to a post from Ayame in which she shared a review of the room service in a hotel she was staying in – and it wasn’t the first time he’d used such information to find her.

In Yuval’s most recent response, Ayame didn’t reveal the name of the hotel, but she showed off a few features of the room in the video and sharing her thoughts on a Greek yogurt bowl and an order of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

Yuval used Ayame's breakfast order to track her down.


There weren’t many specifics, but it turned out her video had all the clues necessary for Yuval to figure out not only what hotel she was staying in, but also which room she had.

In a stitch shared on Sunday (31 March), Yuval explained that he honed in on Ayame’s ‘very specific’ room service order of ‘berry compote’, which came with the Greek yogurt.

“I decided to do a search for hotels with berry compote on their breakfast menu,” Yuval said.

The TikToker chose to search London hotels based on Ayame’s previous posts, and came up with a hotel chain with five locations in London.

After going through the breakfast menus of all the hotels, he realized there was only one which featured berry compote and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs on the menu.

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Yuval didn’t stop there, though. After figuring out which hotel Ayame was staying in, he used clues from her surroundings to figure out exactly which bedroom was hers.

He matched the headboard of the bed, the wallpaper and the artwork in Ayame’s video to an image of one of the rooms on the hotel’s website, and used the view from her window to narrow it down to one specific bedroom.

“I’m glad you decided to wait to post until after you left this time,” Yuval added.

Needless to say, Yuval’s deduction skills left viewers horrified. Ayame herself previously described his response as ‘insane’ and said she was ‘never posting a room service review again’.

Ayame was horrified at Yuval's response to her post.


Other TikTok users clearly didn’t blame her, with one person writing: “this man Is dangerous.”

Some viewers likened Yuval to Joe Goldberg of the Netflix series You, though others admitted they were ‘impressed’ by his skills.

“This is both impressive and terrifying at the same time!!! I lean towards the impressive tho,” one commenter wrote.

It might be impressive from afar, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone open themselves up to Yuval’s detective work!

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