A dad has described his heartbreak after flying to the US to collect his baby daughter, only to make a shocking discovery.

Dan Gaut, who works as a carpenter in the north of Sydney, had been delighted when he found out that his American girlfriend Liv was expecting.

The pair had met while Dan was holidaying in San Francisco in 2023, and she decided to come back to Australia with him.

Speaking to A Current Affair in February, he said: “She was saying, ‘There’s nothing in Texas for me anymore… all my heart and energy is in Australia.'”

Liv then fell pregnant and began to feel homesick so planned to take a quick trip to Texas to visit family and friends.

However, after heading home, she decided she wasn’t going to return.

Liv also rekindled a romance with a former partner and announced that she would be putting the baby up for adoption.

Dan Gaut said he was in 'absolute shock'.


Dan said: “I couldn’t believe it. I was in absolute shock … like you’re pregnant with my daughter?

“How can you just go back to your ex-boyfriend? … It was just heartbreaking.”

He added: “She was starting to send me adoption options for people that she knew in Texas, and she was sending me the links to the Instagram page.

“And I was like, ‘No, this is, stop, don’t promise her to anyone … it feels so wrong’.

“This is against all my morals, and just stop.”

Liv then agreed to legally give him their child if he flew to the US to be with her during or shortly after the birth in March.

After making the journey to the States, Dan met his daughter – who he decided to call Ana – but was given some shocking news.

Dan met his baby daughter.

Instagram/@ dan__gaut

It transpired that during the intervening period Liv had changed her mind and decided that she wouldn’t be putting the child up for adoption after all.

In an emotional post on Instagram, Dan wrote: “I feel heartbroken and empty as I’m forced to leave America alone.

“Liv has changed her mind and wants to keep Ana in the States and be her primary caregiver.

“I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who supported me on this journey.

“I will use the remaining donations to seek legal representation in Austin and to visit Ana as often as I can.

“I still hold strong the vision of Ana growing up in Australia in the not to distant future.

“Much love.”

His friends previously started a GoFundMe to help with immigration and travel costs which has since raised over $34,000.

In it, Dan wrote: “I just want to be the best Dad that I can possibly be. I want to be there every step of the way for my little Ana.”

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