Michael Jordan spends a staggering amount to charter a super yacht.

Jordan is one of the richest athletes in the world and used his NBA wealth to invest and build a massive portfolio worth over $1 billion.

The yacht is owned by Indian businessman Sameer Gehlaut, and is reportedly worth around $80 million.

If that sounds like a lot for a boat, it’s probably because it has more amenities and luxuries than most houses.

These include not one but two jacuzzis, a dining room, a dining room, a beach club, movie theatre, a gym, and a spa.

There is also, of course, a basketball court on board as well.

It’s not just that either, as the boat also has a private chef assigned to it, as well as eight cabins for guests.

In total, the yacht has a crew of 19 on board, including a captain and sailors as well as hospitality staff.

Joy is available to charter for people who are in the business of spending their time hanging out on luxury yachts, and can afford it.

Joy is chartered out by NBA star Michael Jordan.

Boat Safe

Among them is Michael Jordan, himself the owner of several yachts of his own.

But it seems that Joy offers something that the basketball legend likes a lot, as he is willing to fork out a staggering amount to charter the 70 metre boat.

So how much is he willing to spend to rent out the boat?

Well, it comes to a whopping $780,000 a week to charter the yacht.

Yes, you read that right, nearly $800k a week. That’s a fair wedge of cash to be dropping on spending just one week on an enormous yacht.

Though given the amazing amenities on board the boat, the price tag perhaps shouldn’t come at much of a surprise.

Of course the yacht has a basketball court!

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Even covering the cost of running such a vessel must be sky high.

You have to pay all of your staff’s wages, which means covering wages for a crew of 19 people on the ship.

Then there’s also the costs of actually physically keeping the boat running.

That includes buying fuel to power the twin engines.

This isn’t just filling up your car – Joy’s fuel tanks hold a whopping 100,000 litres (around 26,400 gallons) of fuel according to yachtcharterfleet.com.

So one tank of fuel at the current price of $5.66 a gallon in the Bahamas, where Joy is located, is just under $150,000.

No wonder chartering Joy out is so expensive!

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