We are out here in Jacoba Hot Springs at the Stay Nomadic Desert Glamping Resort. They have hosted us for the past month and we’ve been living in this incredible tiny home.

Now my partner Tega and I and our four fur babies. We’ve got two cats and two dogs, so our family of six can get kind of tight in our two vehicles. But what we’ve decided to do every so often in our nomadic lifestyle is to slow down and find a place to stay for a month every six months.

And so we got an opportunity to try out one of these beautiful homes and we’ve enjoyed slowing down and having a nice place to relax, recharge, and disconnect to reconnect. All right, so welcome to the outside of the Incredibox. These are cool because they are affordable.

It is a 20-foot by 8-foot long trailer. Doesn’t need any special permitting on the road. My buddy pulled it for me.

It’s about 5,300 pounds and that meant that it easily drove behind his four-window bus, with no problems at all. It has that nice slant on the roof as you can see. So it pushes the wind down when you’re driving, keeps it nice and stable.

Another cool feature of the house is that it’s made with recycled metal panels. You’ll notice some panels kind of screwed in in conjunction and that is how it becomes affordable because he’s using recycled panels that are used to be going in a junkyard and he’s able to repurpose them and save a ton of money.

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