My name is Stephanie and this is my tiny house, the willow tree. The tiny has been my permanent home for six years between myself, my daughter, three cats and two dogs. I just remember thinking to myself, I’m a single mom and it’s so hard to afford rent.

 I wanted to own something, but I knew I couldn’t own a house. There was just no way.  I had that kind of income and so I thought, well, I could do a tiny house and that’s kind of what inspired it for me.

 So then I just took a lot of time tweaking it.  It was just like a lot of sketching, like, okay Steph, if you’re going to do this, you’re going to be doing this for a hot minute. 

So you need to be committed to this, be comfortable and feel like you can grow in this space because you have a daughter and she was like five when we moved in and now she’s going to be.

 So I had to make sure it was going to grow with her as well. The very first thing people say when they walk into my house is like, this is a lot bigger than I imagined it, which I’m like, sweet, that means I did it right. Raising Ellie in the tiny house has been such an experience.

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