This place is absolutely spectacular and you have totally nailed the minimalist aesthetic in here. Yeah I didn’t know I was a minimalist until I lived in my own house, but yeah I like to keep a very very clean and clear space because it makes things easier. And it’s good for your work as well.

Yeah so I have something called synesthesia, it’s not disease you can’t catch it, but it’s where I see numbers and colours and like sounds in colour and being a musician when I’d sing and I write I like to keep something quite bright and white because when I’m expressing if there’s any colour that’s too bright or too sharp it taints the colour that I’m hearing from the notes that I’m playing, whether it be piano, guitar or whatever else. That is fascinating. So what colour is my voice? Your voice? Just go like give me a la.

Laaaaaa. Grey and pink. Really? Yeah the tone is grey and pink because it’s not just sound it’s also tone, but it’s not only just colour it’s dimension as well.

That is just fascinating and I love the way that you have incorporated that into the design of your home to make the whole space more comfortable for you. Yeah it’s almost like if there’s too much colour it’s almost like a sensory overload for me personally.

When I go to places that do have colour I do appreciate a lot of colour and a lot of vibrancy in the way they match and go together, but it’s just for me personally because this place I built to create in and I cannot create in a place personally that is too vibrant.

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