I’m going to turn a 1991 bus into a luxury tiny home. This project took six months for us to complete. I hope you enjoy. My brother and I bought this old school bus from a guy who collected trucks on Facebook. And honestly, it was in awful shape, but it had a good engine and transmission. This bus is going to need a lot of work.

It’s very, very sticky, and there’s a lot of big things that need to come out. The first step is to obviously completely gut this bus. Bro, we got a lot of work to do.
It’s okay, I got the big crowbar. Oh, yeah. And this bus was dirty, like insanely dirty.

There were several spiders, wasp nests, roaches, and what looked like a pretty bad termite infestation. We’re almost done with the demolition. It’s looking great.
And after that, we can start building. It looks so good. We bought some wood.

Online, we saw people who kept the metal bus ceiling and just painted it white, and it looked perfect, which was great because we thought it would save us time and money. This is the last you will see of this ugly bus tan color. But to try and save time, we used the wrong spray gun.
The result turned out like this. There’s lines of like dripping paint. That’s a huge problem.

Because the bus ceiling was made of metal, we had to get a special paint that was $200. The next day when it dried, we tried to fix our mistake by sanding, but ended up finding a much bigger issue when it started raining. How’s it going, dude? Well, I believe I’ve made a discovery.

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